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Free delivery across Canada for orders above $500
Free delivery across Canada for orders above $500
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Explanations of the corten alloy

Corten steel is a reference in architecture. It has the particularity of embellishing and highlighting buildings, landscaping and art monuments. Also called weathering steel and weathering steel - the alloy of iron, copper, chromium, phosphorus and nickel - has a distinctive appearance, is also recyclable and offers an exceptionally long life - 4 to 8 times stronger than standard steel.

Resists all heat

Corten is heat resistant up to 425°C, compared to carbon steel which is limited to 400°C. So corten is also used for outdoor stoves and BBQs.

100% recyclable 100% sustainable

Corten steel is recyclable by its very nature. The recycling percentage is close to 100%. Our products are designed for life and can be passed down from generation to generation.

Low maintenance and durable

Resistance to four seasons - to frost, cracks, shocks, scratches. No paint cracks, corrosion and rust. Easy to maintain, this type of metal only requires a light wash per year with a simple soft-bristled brush or a piece of
cloth for rubbing, a bucket of water with mild soap. No storage is required during the winter season.

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